Certificate in English Language Teaching

The Certificate in English Language Teaching (CELT) is an initial course that aims to provide the necessary skills to teach English as a Foreign Language. Certification is awarded by the QQI (Quality & Qualifications Ireland). Previous teaching experience is not a requirement. Acceptance of applicants is based on completion of the application form and screening procedures (interview and tasks). There is no requirement to have a degree to take this course but you will need a CELT and a degree (level 7) to teach in a recognised language school in Ireland.

Non-native speakers must have an English level of C1, IELTS 7.5 or equivalent.

Course fee: €1300 (subject to change)


In line with the Department of Education & Skills requirements, the course is 120 hours+ in duration and includes:

  • A minimum of 100 programmed hours face-to-face contact between course trainers and participants
  • A minimum of 420 minutes of observation of real classes
  • A minimum of 7 supervised teaching practice sessions representing a minimum of 360 minutes
  • Trainer-directed study
  • Micro and team teaching
  • Feedback, review and evaluation session


The course has two components – the teaching practice and a portfolio. The final grade is reached through assessment of these two elements of the course. Successful trainees will be awarded a grade of either Approved or Approved with Distinction. Trainees are required to gain an Approved grade in both components in order to be awarded an overall Approved. Trainees are required to gain an Approved with Distinction grade in both components in order to be awarded an overall Approved with Distinction. The CELT certificate will state the overall grade awarded as well as individual grades for the Teaching Practice and Portfolio components. Trainees are regularly informed of their progress through oral and written feedback from trainers on the course.


Trainees have the opportunity to observe and teach seven assessed lessons to language learners at a minimum of three distinct levels.

Topics include: Communication Activity, Receptive Skills (Reading or Listening), Systems – Grammar, Systems -Vocabulary etc.


The portfolio contains all material related to the teaching practice as well as a series of 6 assessed modules which will be completed over the duration of the course. Trainees draw upon their own experience, what they have learnt in input sessions, their teaching practices, and EFL resources to complete assignments.



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