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  • Marjolin Eshuis Thank you for the good quality course. The administration is also very efficient. I really enjoyed the school.

    Marjolin Eshuis

  • Morgane Nexon-Lagrue I want to thank all the staff of the Cork Language Centre International, and especially Laura and Camille. I really enjoyed being in Cork these two weeks, and I hope I could come back. Morgane NEXON

    Morgane Nexon-Lagrue

  • Monika Moesslacher I arrived Vienna without problems, now I´m feeling homesick to Cork! I really enjoyed my time at the language centre, so I am going to come back next year.

    Monika Moesslacher

  • Daniel Fernandez Cantalapiedra Thank you very much for your work. It has been very quick and clear. I hope being able to visit your language centre in a near future.

    Daniel Fernandez Cantalapiedra

  • Enzo Pavese Thanks for having me here. It was a great time…I will recommend the school to other students in Switzerland.

    Enzo Pavese

  • Rahel Schaerer It was great. Thank you all very much!

    Rahel Schaerer

  • Magdalena Malastova The centre is really nice and everybody is friendly and helpful. My homestay was excellent. I’m really satisfied with my family.

    Magdalena Malastova

  • Max Julian Raulff The centre was always extremely good, organised and their employees are friendly.

    Max Julian Raulff

  • Alexandra Sala Micola The centre offers to the students a lot of facilities.

    Alexandra Sala Micola

  • Inaki Fernandez Esparza The centre is like a family (everybody knows your name).

    Inaki Fernandez Esparza

  • Mario Walch Thank you for the absolutely beautiful time in Irland! It was amazing!

    Mario Walch

  • I arrived in Cork after 25 years and returned to study English. It is difficult for me but not impossible! I appreciate the style of teaching by the teachers ; to speak, to write and to listen is very important for me, because my future work is consisting of listening especially.

    Filippo Drago

  • The teachers are very friendly and helpful. I have learned a lot in 4 weeks and I can feel the progress. My Cork host family are really friendly. I can talk with them. This country is so beautiful that you even get used to the weather!

    Sylvan Mutter

  • I think that Cork is a great city to live in and to study. The people are friendly and they can help you in many ways they can. The school is near the heart of the city centre and I like that. The teachers are great and very dynamic to student needs. I am delighted with the students in my apartment and I like to socialise with them.

    Pere Nolla Pascual

  • I stayed in Cork for 5 weeks and it was an awesome time. When I now look back on my time here I cannot find any faults. All the people are really friendly and I had a lot of funny moments. I have a really good class and the people are interested in different subjects and it we had new experiences every day. My teachers are amazing. every week we learned new things and it was never boring. The city of Cork is a nice lovely place where you can find all that you like. The small towns surrounding Cork are pleasant and beautiful, and there are historical places everywhere such as Charlesfort and the Cathedral in Cobh. There are many different but wonderful areas. My host family was perfect, I was so just so lucky! It was a magnificent speaking holiday and a life experience.

    Jan Sarro

  • My overall experience of studying in ACET is really good. In the classrooms I was quite impressed with the teachers and also the students because of their similar interest to learn. I learned many things and many new words, and I also found the additional afternoon classes to be greatly beneficial. The family that hosted me were very patient and they were a pleasure to know and talk to. I had a positive experience in Cork. I saw many new places, spectacular scenery and met people from all over the work.

    Stefanie Catto